Hi! I am Gretchen, a Designer based out of San Antonio, Texas and I design beautiful functional websites and much, much more…

About Me

A hardworking lady who loves to design, knit and bake. A perfectionist who pays a lot of attention to detail and crafts each pixel with extreme care.

My name is Gretchen and I am a graphic designer and communication specialist working in the San Antonio, TX area. I grew up in rural California where I spent a great deal of time outdoors on my family’s cattle ranch and hiking around Mount Lassen National Forest.

I believe my love for art and design came from my grandmother who was great at showing us the beauty in nature and always had a lesson in every adventure she took us on.

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Gretchen W. Baer

What I Do

I offer a one stop shop for all your creative needs. Packed with dedication and discipline you will love the work I do!

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Worked with some of top brands across the globe.

Image Homes

Florida Regional Insurance

Diva Tequila

Matchbook Wine Company

The Vintage Cellar

Iannone Insurance logo

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